Main Street Haunted Hotel

Main Street Haunted Hotel is an exclusive attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland in Hong Kong for the Disney's Haunted Halloween event, which is located in the Main Street, U.S.A.. Unlike Haunted Mansion in other Disney parks, Main Street Haunted Hotel is a thrilling walk-through attraction, with living haunts and specters appearing around every corner and along the hallways inside the hotel. The attraction also fills with detail scene settings, audio and theatrical effects in order to maximise guest's experience.

It was officially open in 25 September 2007 until 31 October 2007. The attraction reopens on 26 September 2008 for the 2008 Halloween season.

Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party is a at the Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland theme parks around the world. Located in Fantasyland, it is one of the few remaining attractions operational on Disneyland's opening day in 1955. The ride theme is from the Unbirthday Party scene of 's of the story ''Alice In Wonderland''. The ride has gained infamy over the years for the amount of guests who get motion sickness as a result of the spinning part of the ride.

* In Tokyo Disneyland, it is called ''Alice's Tea Party''.

* In Disneyland Paris, it is called ''Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups''.

* In Hong Kong Disneyland, it is called ''Mad Hatter Tea Cups''

Attraction facts

* Ride system: Three small turntables, which rotate counter clock-wise, each holding six teacups, within one large turntable, rotating clockwise

* Restrictions: The original attraction at Disneyland is unable to run in the rain, once the turntables are saturated with a moderate amount of water they slip and can no longer spin. All other versions of this attraction at Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland are covered to prevent such situations, as well as protect riders from extreme heat and sun.

Lucky the Dinosaur

Lucky the Dinosaur is an approximately 8 foot tall green biped dinosaur which pulls a flower-covered cart and is lead by "Chandler the Dinosaur Handler".

Lucky premiered at Disney's California Adventure and came to the area of Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World from June 2005 to August 2005. He was then moved to Hong Kong Disneyland for celebrating the grand opening of the park in September 2005. Eventually, Lucky is meant to find a permanent home in Disney's California Adventure. In the mean time, he occasionally makes guest appearances, for example at the street fair of the 2008 World Science Festival.

Lucky is notable in that he was the first free-roving audio-animatronic figure ever created by . The flower cart he pulls conceals the computer and power source. Lucky is capable of moving, vocalizing, and responding to guests.

Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is an attraction at the following Disney theme parks: Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland . Disneyland Paris is the only ''Magic Kingdom''-style Disney theme park that does not have the Jungle Cruise in its attraction roster, though an indoor jeep ride called Jungle Expedition was originally planned instead.

Ride description

The attraction simulates a riverboat cruise down several of Asia, Africa and South America. Park guests board replica tramp steamers and are taken on a voyage past many different jungle animals. The tour is led by a live Disney delivering a humorous preset narration.

Inspiration & Design

Sources of inspiration for the attraction include a 1955 about a pride of lions, and the movie “The African Queen”. Harper Goff referenced the ''African Queen'' frequently in his ideas; even his designs of the ride vehicles were modeled after the used in the film. The project was placed on the schedule to open with the July 17, 1955 debut of Disneyland.

When plans began to develop, Bill Evans, the Imagineer responsible for landscaping Disneyland and most of Walt Disney World , faced the daunting task of foresting an entire jungle on a limited budget. Aside from importing many actual , he made wide use of “character plants” which while not necessarily exotic could give the appearance of exoticism in context. In a particularly well-known trick, he uprooted local trees and "replanted" them upside-down, growing vines on the exposed roots. The clean water was dyed brown to prevent visitors from seeing the bottom of the “river”, which varies between three and eight feet deep.

Although Goff and Evans can be credited with the creation and initial design of the ride, Marc Davis added his own style to the ride in later versions and DL-version updates. The "Indian Elephant Bathing Pool" and "Rhinoceros Chasing Explorers up a Pole" were among his contributions.

Effect on Walt Disney

In a popular story recounted by Jeff Lange, a writer for weblogging site Jim Hill Media, an experience at the Jungle Cruise helped bolster Walt Disney's obsession with the concept of 'plussing', or continuous improvement. The story claims that Walt overheard a mother visiting Disneyland telling her child that since they had been on the ride the last time they visited the park, they didn't need to ride it again. In horror, he put his Imagineers to work designing upgrades to the ride. Many similar variations of this story exist.

At Disneyland

The attraction was in the opening day roster of the park, and has remained open and largely unchanged in theme and story since then. Aside from alterations and maintenance changes, four completely new show scenes have been added to date. In 1995 the river channel was rerouted to make way for the queue buildings and entrance courtyard of the Indiana Jones Adventure.

While the current version and all later instances have made use of a comedic spiel, filled with bad puns and malaprops, the original intent of the ride was to provide a realistic, believable voyage through the world's jungles. The original spiel had no jokes and sounded much like the narration of a nature . Since its removal, it has become legendary among Disney fans. Competitions in which contestants compete to say the seven-minute spiel the fastest have been held.

Attraction Summary

The queue and station are themed as the headquarters and boathouse of a River Expedition Company, located in a Colony of the 1930s. The queuing area is cluttered with appropriate , such as pinned insects under glass, an old radio on top of the bookshelf, and a chessboard with miniature animals and decorated shotgun shells replacing the . The extended queue winds upstairs, underneath an animatronic hornbill, and then downstairs again. Big band music from the 1930s plays overhead, punctuated by jungle-related news bulletins, helping to reinforce the setting.

Once aboard the boats, the guests are introduced to their and they head into the jungle . The first river simulated is the Mekong. The boats sail through a dense rainforest, and an ancient Cambodian shrine where they see a Bengal Tiger, giant spiders, king cobras and crocodiles. Passing Hindu statues, the boats enter the Sacred Indian Elephant Bathing Pool where dozens of Indian elephants frolic in the water and squirt water at the passing vessels.

The theme transitions to the , and riders see a family of baboons, and safari camp that has been overrun by gorillas. The boats careen past the dramatic waterfall Falls, between two African Elephants, and large termite mounds. A tableau of the African Veldt follows, showing zebras, wildebeest, and giraffes watch a pride of lions feasting on a zebra beneath a rocky outcropping. Beyond the lion's den, an angry rhinoceros has chased a safari party up a tree. Antelope and hyenas watch from nearby. The skipper then pilots the boat into a large pool, disturbing a pod of that their intent to attack the boat. Armed with a gun , the skipper fires into the air to frighten them away.

Drums and chanting are heard as the boats come to country. The vehicles pass a native village before sailing into an ambush by natives wielding spears, .

The boats pass behind Schweitzer Falls to enter the Amazon River. Skeletal animal remains and warning signs featuring pictures of dagger-toothed fish forewarn the next show scene, where the boats encounter a swarm of leaping piranha. The guests then pass a pool of , and meet shrunken head dealer Trader Sam before returning to the dock.

Major refurbishments

* 1962 - Addition of Indian Elephant pool

* 1964 - Addition of African Veldt and Lost Safari scenes

* 1993 - Various minor additions

* 1994 - Addition of boathouse queue

* 1995 - Rerouting of river for the Indiana Jones Adventure

* 1997 - Original ride vehicles replaced

* 2005 - Various replacement/reconstruction, addition of Piranhas, and updates to Gorilla Camp scene

Specific Changes

The baboons at the safari camp used to sit on the African termite mounds. A total of six lions have been removed since opening day; one that growled when the African Veldt was added, two lionesses from the Veldt that were fighting over a bloody strand of zebra meat, a lion and a lioness that each had a zebra leg in their mouth and a dead, hanging on a spit over a fire in the native village. Also removed from the Veldt were African wild dogs barking at the pride. The native village was originally a dense jungle filled with tikis, masks, and several more natives. Trader Sam used to wear a mask and a gorilla across the channel was trying to grab his merchandise.


There are 12 vehicles, with a maximum of 8 in operation at any given time. The boats in 1955 were painted as clean, idealized replicas, but have since been given a more realistic theming reflecting the grunge and wear of actual watercraft.

Names in Use:

*Amazon Belle

*Congo Queen

*Ganges Gal

*Hondo Hattie

*Irrawaddy Woman

*Kissimmee Kate

*Nile Princess

*Orinoco Adventuress

*Suwannee Lady

*Ucayali Una

*Yangtze Lotus

*Zambezi Miss

Names Decommissioned in 1997:

*Magdalena Maiden

*Mekong Maiden

At the Magic Kingdom & Tokyo Disneyland

The Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland versions are similar to each other, the main difference being direction; the Magic Kingdom river flows counter clock-wise, while Tokyo Disneyland's operates clock-wise. Also, the spiels in Tokyo are delivered in .

Magic Kingdom

The skippers at the Magic Kingdom don't carry revolvers with blanks in them anymore. The real guns have been replaced with realistic looking props that trigger an electronic gunshot sound through the boat's audio system.

Near the Hippo Pool, a piece of a downed airplane can be seen along the shoreline. This is the back half of the Lockheed L-12 Electra Junior that can be seen in scene on The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


There are 16 vehicles, with a maximum of 10 in operation at any given time.

Current Boats

* Annie

* Bertha

* Connie

* Gertie

* Irma

* Millie

* Nile Nellie

* Ida

* Rutshuru Ruby

* Sadie

* Sal

* Lolly

* Val

* Wanda

* Zelda

Retired Boats

* Kate

Tokyo Disneyland

Very similar to the Walt Disney World version, although the station and surrounding area are themed to a more upscale African city, as opposed to an isolated jungle outpost. This version shares a station building with the park's steam train ride, Western River Railroad. The boats travel clockwise rather than counter clockwise and the skippers bow after every to joke to his or hers' audience.


There are 13 vehicles, with a maximum of 12 in operation at any given time.

* Amazon Annie

* Congo Connie

* Ganges Gertie

* Irrawaddy Irma

* Kwango Kate

* Nile Nelly

* Orinoco Ida

* Rutshuru Ruby

* Sankuru Sadie

* Senegal Sal

* Volta Val

* Wamba Wanda

* Zambezi Zelda

At Disneyland Paris

Unlike the other parks there is no Jungle Cruise style attraction due to the cold temperature and weather of France. However a similar attraction called "Jungle Expedition" was planned where guests would board a jeep and traverse a steamy jungle which was under the protection of a glass roof to keep elements out. The jeeps would have passed giraffes, a pool of hippos under a suspension bridge, and a large temple where guests would have witnessed the "I Wanna Be Like You" segment from the Disney film, The Jungle Book, complete with audio animatronic versions of Mowgli, King Louie, Baloo, Bagheera, and the Monkeys. The jeeps then would have been chased by a tiger before returning to the load area.

At Hong Kong Disneyland

The shape of Hong Kong Disneyland's route is significantly different compared to the others, and it includes a grand finale with a battle between angry fire and water gods.

In addition, there are three languages regularly available: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Each language has a separate queue line, allowing visitors to experience the journey in their preferred languages.

Attraction Summary

The queue takes place in a small boathouse less elaborate then the other boathouses found at the other parks. After winding through the queue guests board one of the boats and meet their skipper who speaks either English, Cantonese, or Mandarin, to accompany the park's guests who speak many different languages themselves. The boats then sail off and head down river past Tarzan's Treehouse where the skipper tells guests to wave goodbye to the guests traversing the treehouse for they will never see them again. The boats then drift past a mother Indian elephant and her calf playing in the water, followed by another elephant showering in a waterfall. A large bull Indian elephant emerges from the water squirting a plume of water at the boats with the guests narrowly avoiding the free shower. The vessels then drift down a narrow stream past ancient Cambodian ruins which has been claimed by the jungle. Giant spiders and king cobras watch the boats as they move on. Up ahead several crocodiles are seen resting on a small beach when a school of hungry piranha jump up trying to attack guests. The boats escape into Africa where they pass a large safari camp where several curious gorillas have discovered clothes, guns, hammocks, and books, as the "Trashing the Camp" song from Tarzan plays on a nearby 1930's radio. The African Veldt comes into view where antelope, giraffes, zebras, and African elephants stare at the boats. The vessels then drift into a small pool where a pod of hippos try to tip the boat. Several feet ahead a rhino is seen chasing a safari group up a tree while several hyenas look on laughing. Skulls and cloth impaled on broken bamboo sticks appears as tribal drums and horns fill the air. The skipper tells guests that they have entered head hunter country and must quietly sneak by. The boats slowly pass through the main village where several upright shields rest in the tall grass. A native notices the boats and all the shields now revealed to have head hunters behind them begin firing spears and poison darts at the boats as they narrowly escape into a rocky canyon. In the rocky canyon the boats stop near two weird rock formations that look like faces, revealed by the skipper to be the fire god and the water god who are constantly feuding about their differences. The fire god sets the river ablaze while the water god vomits a water bomb, causing the flames to die and the whole canyon to become a cloud of steam. The boats escape the canyon and pass a baby elephant before returning to the boathouse.

Major renovations

* 2006 - Piranha attack, and Trapped Safari scenes added, enhancement of Gorilla Camp, African Veldt, and Headhunter's Territory

* 2007 - Temporary scene added during the "Pirate Takeover" event


There are 9 vehicles, with a maximum of 8 in operation at any given time.

* Amazon Annie

* Congo Queen

* Ganges Gal

* Irrawaddy Irma

* Lijiang Lady

* Mekong Maiden

* Nile Nellie

* Yangzi Ying Ying

* Zambezi Zelda

In Popular Culture

*There was a tribute to the ride in 2005 on an episode of the podcast The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, as well as a Strong Bad E-mail entitled "theme park".

*In the sing along songs video during "Following the Leader", Jungle Cruise made an appearance.

*Jungle Cruise was parodied as ''Timon and Pumbaa's Virtual Safari'' on The Lion King Special Edition.

Film adaptation

''The Jungle Cruise'' is an announced Disney motion picture loosely inspired by the theme park attraction of the same name.

The film, originally scheduled for release in 2007, has experienced various delays and changes. Shooting of the film, originally schedule for 2006, was postponed. Moreover, the original screenplay by Josh Goldstein and John Norville was reportedly rewritten by Al Gough and Miles Millar.

The film follows a group's riverboat journey through a jungle in search of a cure.

Further details have not been forthcoming, apart from confirmation that the film is set in the twentieth century. It will also have the name, 'Heart of Darkness'.

Jungle Cruise joke lists



It's a Small World

It's a Small World is an attraction at several Walt Disney theme parks: Disneyland , the Magic Kingdom , Tokyo Disneyland, at Disneyland Resort Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. The ride features a multitude of audio-animatronic figures in the style of children of the world singing the ride's title track , which has a theme of global peace.


In 1956, Walt Disney attended a conference, along with many other notable celebrities of the time, at the invitation of President Eisenhower. The conference was about founding a national organization to help promote world peace through international civilian travel. Inspired by the ideas from the meeting, Disney returned to California and set to work, creating the "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland.

Like several other Disneyland attractions, "It's a Small World" originated with the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair After the fair closed, the ride was transferred to Disneyland along with three other attractions from the fair that year; Primeval World Diorama, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and the Carousel of Progress.

The attraction's design was done by Mary Blair, who was also an art director on several . Like many Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions, scenes and characters were designed by Marc Davis, while his wife, Alice Davis, designed the costumes for the dolls. Blaine Gibson sculpted the animatronic figures, while Harriet Burns painted them. Many of the dolls were created by Joyce Carlson who is honored with a shop window along the Magic Kingdom's Main Street U.S.A. The sign there reads: "Dolls by Miss Joyce, Dollmaker for the World." Rolly Crump designed the Tower of the Four Winds .

The name of the ride was originally "children of the world". When Walt Disney demonstrated it to songwriters Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman, the ride's soundtrack featured numerous national anthems all playing at once. Disney said, "I need one song." In response, the brothers wrote one of the best known Disney tunes of all time: ''It's a Small World ''. It is argued that the song may be the most performed and translated song on earth. Rumors of removing the rainforest scene for a United States scene were squashed by a memo from Marty Sklar, but various Disney characters will seamlessly be added throughout the attraction, which has received mixed feedback.



The outer of the building at Disneyland presents very stylized flat cut-out turrets and towers, minarets and domes, some vaguely reminiscent of world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Surrounding them are numerous squares, triangles and rectangles. A major feature is a gigantic three-dimensional clock with a round, happy face that swings back and forth. On the quarter-hour, wooden dolls representing different cultures parade out of the clock. After the last dolls exit the clock, a pair of giant doors swings open to reveal two large toy blocks — one block with the hour, and one block with the minutes, written in highly stylized numerals — then a tolls indicating the time.

The exterior has been slightly redesigned and repainted over the years, first as all-white with gold trim, then in shades of blue colors, then in pink and white with pastel accents. Currently it is all-white with gold trim, as it was in the 1960s. The gardens around the building are decorated with topiary animals.


The boats travel through a tunnel into the show building, which is much larger than the fa?ade and is located backstage between the back of Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin and the roundhouse for the Disneyland Railroad and Disneyland Monorail System. This portion of the ride features stylized dolls in national costumes singing the title song in numerous languages. At Disneyland, boats carrying the riders visit the regions of the world in separate rooms:

* The Hello Room greets the guests to the attraction, showing different cultural greetings from around the world.

* The Scandinavia/North Pole room, with dolls representing Scandinavia, with the song sung in .

* Europe, with the song sung in with a Cockney , and as well as having a yodeler in the section representing Switzerland.

* Asia, with the song sung in .

* Africa, with the rhythm of the song marked with drums and then sung in English.

* South America, with the song sung in Spanish.

* South Seas, with the song sung with an underwater gurgling sound by mermaids for the first section of the room , and the traditional Polynesian version of the song throughout the rest of the room.

* New Guinea, a small, relatively dark room with a rainforest scene and native drummers playing the song rhythmically

* The Finale Room, with representatives from all the cultures of the world dressed in white versions of their native costumes and singing in English in unison. A cowboy and standing together are the only dolls during the ride that represent the United States. The Finale Room was inspired by the final verse of the Christmas hymn, Once In Royal David's City, which says, "When like stars, His children crowned,/All in white, shall wait around."

At the other Disney parks, the path of the flume winds around one large room, emphasizing its theme that the world is small and interconnected. The order in which the countries appear and the countries that are represented vary in each version of the ride.

* All parks but Hong Kong do not begin with a separate room for the Arctic; the Scandinavian dolls are in the Europe room.

* In Paris, in addition to French, the song is sung in German and English. In Hong Kong, the song is sung in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Magic Kingdom

* At the Magic Kingdom in Florida, the ride underwent a major refurbishment from May 2004 to March 2005, reopening with a sound system, a few new animatronic figures and a loading area similar to the ride's fa?ade at Disneyland.

* The rainforest scene is in the Latin America room.

* The Goodbye room shows different postcards and parting phrases from different cultures around the world, though in the Magic Kingdom version, there are flowers instead.

* The nearby Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant overlooks the queue area.

Tokyo Disneyland

The Tokyo Disneyland version of the attraction is similar to the Magic Kingdom version except for these differences:

*The exterior is like Disneyland's, while the interior is similar to the Magic Kingdom version.

*The finale is sung in Japanese and the Japanese version sung in the Asian section is different from the Magic Kingdom version, and the rest of the Disney parks.

*The Goodbye scene is much smaller

Disneyland Park

In Disneyland Resort Paris, the ride is different from, but similar to, the other versions of the ride. The backgrounds and music are all different and there is a new room: a North America room, with dolls representing Canada and the United States. This version also has a complete Middle Eastern section in which the song is sung in Arabic. In the finale scene, the song is sung in German and English as well as French.

Hong Kong Disneyland

The Hong Kong Disneyland version opened on April 28, 2008 with 38 classic Disney characters added to scenes where their stories originated. This version also features an expanded Asian scene, a Middle Eastern scene and a new scene for North America. The finale features a spectacular "curtain call" with some extraordinary optical lighting effects not seen on any other Disney ride.

The song "it's a small world " is sung in 9 different languages. Among those languages, , , and are unique to Hong Kong Disneyland. The finale is sung in 3 languages: , and . In an interesting design twist, the only two bridge structures that cross over the flume path of the boats are San Francisco's Golden Gate and a traditional Chinese garden bridge . They serve to symbolically link the United States with China. The attraction is the largest indoor ride at Hong Kong Disneyland, and the location of the ride is beyond the Disneyland Railroad next to The Golden Mickeys attraction.

There are 11 scenes in this ride:


*North Pole


*Middle East








The 38 Disney characters that appear in this ride include:



















*Jose Carioca

*Donald Duck



















Holiday season

Since 1997, Disneyland has featured "it's a small world holiday" during the Christmas and winter seasons. The attraction is usually closed in October to receive temporary holiday decorations inside and outside, only to reopen in early November before the start of the busy holiday tourist season. The overlay has proved very popular and at one point during its run needed the use of FASTPASS machines . The attraction is the same boat voyage through many regions of the world featuring choruses of children singing. During the ride, the main theme song is not played fully, but instead the children of the world sing "Jingle Bells" and a bridge of "Deck the Halls" added to the main theme. The holiday overlay has since been implemented at Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris .

During the 2005–2006 holiday season, in order to remove some of the massive crowds from the main plaza during the popular Remember... Dreams Come True fireworks spectacular, a second viewing station was installed at "it's a small world." At the same time, the outdoor fa?ade incorporated a sophisticated, elaborate multi-media presentation projected on the colored patterns of the outer fa?ade each quarter hour after dusk.

The song

The well-known is due not only to its constant repetition for the duration of the ride , but Robert B. Sherman explains that the structure of the song may also play a role:

:Like many songs, "It's a Small World" has a verse and a chorus. One thing which makes this song particularly 'catchy' is that the verse and chorus work in counterpoint to each other. This means that you can play the same chords over and over again, but with different melodies. The repetitive, yet varied pattern tricks your mind into absorbing the work without it becoming tiresome to your ear .

Additionally, the World's Fair version of the song is the one commonly heard on various Disney compilation albums. The song also inspired a Disney Read-Along.

The song was later given two covers for the dance video game Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix: a Eurobeat cover by ABeatC All Stars and a Happy Hardcore instrumental remix entitled ''"IT'S A SMALL WORLD "'' by and , which featured sampling of Donald Duck and was the hardest song in the game.

In Ecuador, this song serves as a theme for the chain of toy stores called Mi Juguetería. The original 1964 version of the song can be heard as one enters the store.

Attraction facts and figures

Disneyland attraction version:

* Animated/unanimated figures: 400

* Slogan: The happiest cruise that ever sailed 'round the world.

* Ticket Required: ""

Magic Kingdom attraction version:

* Grand Opening: October 1, 1971

** Closing Date: May 2, 2004

* Grand Re-Opening: March 18, 2005

* Flume capacity: 500,000 US gallons of water

* Animated/unanimated figures: 472

** Audio-Animatronics Dolls: 289

** Toys: 147

** Animated Props: 36

* Slogan: The happiest cruise that ever sailed the seven seas.

Disneyland Paris attraction version:

* Slogan: The happiest cruise that ever sailed around the world.

Hong Kong Disneyland attraction version:

* Grand Opening: April 27, 2008

* Opening Day: April 28, 2008

* Ride Area: 83,500 sq ft

* Animated/unanimated figures: 514

** Audio-Animatronics Dolls: 202

** Disney Characters: 38

** Toys: 220

** Animated Props: 42

* Slogan: ''Rediscover the world of laughter.''

Pop culture references

Due to the popularity of the song, the song and ride have been spoofed many times in popular culture.

*In the hit 1994 film ''The Lion King'', the primary antagonist, asks Zazu to "sing something with a little--''bounce'' in it." Zazu responds by beginning to sing ''It's a Small World'' when Scar cuts him off by saying, "No! Anything but ''that''."

*''Family Guy'' spoofed the ride in the episode ''The Courtship of Stewie's Father'', where is found lost at Walt Disney World and is taken by Disney security guards to a ride called ''It's a Tiny World''. Stewie is chained to the ride and is forced to sing ''It's a Tiny World'' as a tiny Dutch boy, otherwise he'll be forced to be in . He is freed by by the end of the episode.

*The series ''My Life as a Teenage Robot'' parodied the ride in the episode '''' as ''The World Ain't So Big''.

*In Shrek, when Donkey and Shrek are in Duloc, the song that the puppets sing is a spoof of ''It's a Small World''.

*A fourth-season episode of ''The Simpsons'', "Selma's Choice," involves Aunt Selma taking Bart and Lisa Simpson to Duff Gardens, a Disneyland-style amusement park dedicated to Duff Beer. Its rides include a boat ride in which animatronic children extol the virtues of Duff, singing a song - 'Duff Beer for me! Duff Beer for You! I'll have a Duff! You have one too!'

*In Rugrats in Paris in Reptarland the children, Coco, and Charles enter a take on "It's a Small World" called "It's a Ooey Gooey World" with a catchy song.

*In the Pokémon episode "Enter Galactic", James sings "It's a new world after all" to the tune.

*In an episode of the Adult Swim series entitled The Oblongs where Bob Oblong gets a jaw disorder in the scene where they are at Bob's work, they go on a ride called "It's a Third World After All", which is an obvious spoof on It's a Small World After All.

*In ''The Return of Jafar'', Genie sings a brief melody of "It's a Small World".

*In ''College Road Trip'', Doug says, "In the words of my favorite ride ever, It's a Small World After All."

Hong Kong Disneyland: The Grand Opening Celebration Album

Hong Kong Disneyland: The Grand Opening Celebration Album was the soundtrack for the grand opening of Hong Kong Disneyland at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Much of the album is made up of cover versions of animated Disney films, and the package contained a DVD featuring music videos for some of the songs. The album does not contain any music used in the park. Out of print.

Track listing

#Jacky Cheung - Let the Wonder Soar

# - It's A Small World

#Eason Chan - A Whole New World

#Karen Mok - When You Wish upon a Star

# -

#Jolin Tsai - Under the Sea

#Kellyjackie - On a Date With Him to Disneyland

#Nicholas Tse - Bare Necessities

#CoCo Lee - Colors of the Wind

#Joey Young - Undying True Love

#Kelly Chen -

#Harlem Yu - Can You Feel the Love Tonight

#Jacky Cheung - Let the Wonder Soar

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the first theme park inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and is owned and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks, an incorporated company jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company and the Government of Hong Kong.

The fifth Disneyland style park, the park is located on in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island. After years of negotiations and construction, the park opened to visitors on September 12 2005, considered an auspicious date according to for the opening of a new business. Disney attempted to avoid problems of cultural backlash by attempting to incorporate Chinese culture, customs, and traditions when designing and building the resort, including adherence to the rules of Feng Shui.

The park consists of four themed lands similar to other Disneyland parks: Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. There is as yet no Frontierland, although it may be included in future expansion projects. The theme park's cast members use and , including Cantonese and Mandarin dialects, to communicate verbally. Guide Maps are printed in both Traditional and Simplified characters, , and in English.

The capacity of the park is 34,000 visitors per day, and is the smallest Disneyland park. It has so far fallen short of meeting its targeted visitorship figures. The park attracted 5.2 million visitors in its first year, below its target of 5.6 million. Visitor numbers fell 20% in the second year to 4 million, which was below company targets, inciting criticisms from local legislators.

The resort currently has , with the actual park taking approximately . With its small size cited often to explain its under-performance, the park has announced various plans for expansion. The classic Disney attraction, "it's a small world", opened on 28 April 2008. Furthermore, according to Bill Ernest, the former executive vice president and managing director of Hong Kong Disneyland, the park is planning to add two unique theme lands in its future expansion. Over a 15 year expansion period, the park capacity will increase to handle up to 10 million visitors annually.


and Donald Tsang, September 12, 2005


An audience of more than 400 guests celebrated the ground breaking of Hong Kong Disneyland on January 12, 2003.Those present included Tung Chee Hwa, then Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China; Michael D. Eisner, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company; and Robert A. Iger, President of The Walt Disney Company.

On September 23, 2004, a special "castle topping ceremony" was held in the park to commemorate the placing of the tallest turret on Sleeping Beauty Castle. Among those present were Tung Chee Hwa, then Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; Jay Rasulo, president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts; Michael Eisner, then CEO of The Walt Disney Company; and Bob Iger, president of The Walt Disney Company, in addition to Mickey Mouse and other costumed characters. Hong Kong Disneyland had the shortest construction period among all of the Disneyland-style theme parks.

The park adds new attractions continuously. ''See for more details''

Themed areas

The park currently features four themed lands similar to those at other Disneyland parks: Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. The park is missing a classic land, Frontierland, but it may be built in the future.

Main Street, U.S.A.

*Animation Academy

*Art of Animation


*Main Street Vehicle

*Main Street Haunted Hotel

*Disney on Parade

*High School Musical: LIVE!

*Muppet Mobile Lab

*Glow in the Park Halloween Parade



*Raft to the Tarzan's Treehouse

* on Tarzan Island

*Festival of the Lion King

*Liki Tikis

*Demon Jungle

*Adventureland Haunted Trail


*Mickey's PhilharMagic

*Cinderella Carousel




*Fantasyland Train Station


*Sleeping Beauty Castle

*Sword in the Stone

*The Golden Mickeys

*Snow White Grotto

*"it's a small world"






*Stitch Encounter

*UFO Zone


Main Street, U.S.A.

*Mickey Mouse

*Minnie Mouse


*Chip and Dale







*Mickey and Minnie

*Winnie The Pooh


*Snow White



*Prince Charming








*Clarabelle Cow


*Buzz Lightyear

Entertainment and celebrations

The park features both a daytime parade "Disney on Parade" and "Disney in the Stars", a fireworks show, in the evening. Seasonal entertainment, such as Disney's Haunted Halloween, A Sparkling Christmas and Disney's Chinese New Year, are held in the park to celebrate main festivals.


;Disney on Parade

: A day-time parade which features 9 floats with famous Disney characters including Mickey and Friends, Chip 'n' Dale, Disney Princesses, Alice, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie.


: A parade shown on rainy days that consists of a specially design train with characters wearing brightly colored raincoats.

; High School Musical: LIVE!

: A uniquely created mobile stage-show inspired by the movie ''High School Musical'' and its sequel ''High School Musical 2''. It will feature a troop of singers and dancers mostly from the Philippines and Hong Kong which will travel along the Main Street and sing hit songs from the movie, including "What Time Is It?" and "Get'cha Head in the Game". This is a new attraction launched on March 7, 2008 apart from the announced It's a Small World.

; Disney in the Stars

: Nightly fireworks based on a similar format used in the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks at other Disney theme parks, fireworks and pyrotechnics are co-ordinated to orchestrated classic Disney music such as "A Whole New World".

; Muppet Mobile Lab

: a free-roving, audio-animatronic entertainment implemented on a Segway platform, an interactive comedy show performed by two Muppet characters, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker. The characters ride their two-wheeled rocket-ship/laboratory vehicle.

Seasonal entertainment

; Mickey's WaterWorks: A summer, water-themed parade that consists of seven new floats, 100 performers and 30 Disney characters. This parade was originally created for Mickey's Summer Blast celebration, Mickey's WaterWorks made its debut on July 7, 2007, and now runs annually in the summer months.

; Glow in the Park Halloween Parade: This parade, designed for the Haunted Halloween event, featured seven floats. This parade will be shown again during the Disney's Haunted Halloween event with a newly-added Ghostly Parade Ship.

; 'Let it Snow' Christmas Parade: A brand-new Christmas parade that will feature floats with Christmas decorations from ''Disney on Parade'' during the A Sparkling Christmas event from 23 November 2007 until 2 January 2008.

Park celebrations

''Note*'': Festive entertainment is shown in ''italic''

Future construction

Finished construction

The Phase 1 Extension began with three new attractions for Tomorrowland that opened in the summer of 2006. In 2007, Animation Academy and Mickey's Waterworks Parade are added. In 2008, High School Musical: LIVE!, Muppet Mobile Lab, Turtle Talk with Crush and the classical attraction were added.

One of the announced attractions, The Art of Animation, officially opened to guests in August of 2008. This latest attraction is located in the Opera House, which is next to the Animation Academy and was originally occupied by the Disneyland Story.

Recent construction

The outer edge of Adventureland has been under construction since early May 2008, next to Festival of The Lion King and Rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse. Digging is under way beneath the berm, to permit expansion beyond the railroad track perimeter. A temporary structure for Demon Jungle, an exclusive attraction for the coming 2008 Halloween season, is confirmed to be built in the area beyond the railroad. Also, the walkway will most likely link to new themed lands in the future if funding is secured to start Hong Kong Disneyland's 5-year expansion plan .

Planned construction

The park is planning to introduce a 5-year expansion plan in the near future. This will include construction of new themed lands in the area beyond the current railroad track in Adventureland and Fantasyland, which the total land area is about 5 hectares.

For long-term construction, with the reclaimed land reserved for the Phase 2 Extension and the Disneyland park being blocked by the Park Promenade , it is expected that the resort's second Disney theme park will be built on that site.

A Phase 3 Extension is also being considered by the Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong government.


Overcrowding problems

Just before the grand opening, the park was criticized for underestimating the daily capacity limit. The problem became apparent on the charity preview day on 4 September 2005, when 30,000 locals visited the park. The reported queue time for fast food stands exceeded 45 minutes and over 2 hours for rides. Before the park opened, some within the Disney Company were concerned that the park would not offer enough because of the small number of attractions present.

Although the community, and the park's biggest shareholder, the Hong Kong Government, put pressure on the park to lower the capacity, the park insisted on keeping the limit and only agreed to relieve the capacity problem by extending opening time by one hour or introducing more discounts during weekdays. However, the park said local visitors tend to stay in the park for about nine hours per visit, implying that the mentioned practices would do little to solve the problem.

During Chinese New Year 2006, many visitors arrived at the park in the morning bearing valid tickets, but were refused entry, because the park was already at capacity. Disgruntled visitors attempted to force their way into the park or gain access by climbing over the barrier gates. Disneyland management was forced to revise their ticketing policy and designated future periods close to Chinese public holidays as 'special days' during which admission would only be allowed through a date-specific ticket.

Food safety panel

Officers from the Food and Environmental Hygiene department, who were asked by Disney staff to take off their badges and caps in order to enter the park, left park visitors feeling very uneasy. The officers investigated a food-poisoning case in the park's restaurants. The chairman of 's food Safety panel, Fred Li, described the incident as shocking, and called on the director of the department to take follow-up action against Disney. Hong Kong Disneyland says what happened was inappropriate and has apologized for the incident. Secretary for Justice said that the government did not have enough evidence to make a prosecution, thus dropping the case.

Public relations

Disney initially refused to release the attendance figures after media reports surfaced saying the park's attendance numbers might be lower than expected. Disney finally relented, and declared on November 24, 2005, that Disney had officially welcomed over 1 million guests during its first two months of operation.

In response to negative publicity locally and to boost visitor numbers, Hong Kong Disneyland offered $50 discounts for admission to the park to holders of Hong Kong I.D. cards in the period before Christmas in 2005. In the period from March to June 2006, the park offered holders of Hong Kong I.D. cards the opportunity to buy a two-day admission for the price of a single day.

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